The Winging It series is my current writing project. 

The first book, Freya's Inferno, came to me as I was driving from Los Angles back to San Luis Obispo, California. It was what you may call a "mountain top experience." Literally. I remember coming over the top of the San Marcos Pass and seeing the characters bloom in front of me. I had never really thought that I could write (who was I to write a book), but a few weeks earlier I had read something written by my favorite author, Patricia Briggs, about her earliest pursuit of writing. She didn't have a MFA in Creative Writing, or come from a long line of authors, but she did have the background of being a voracious reader."Hmm," I thought, "I'm a voracious reader. Plus, I've been on a bad book streak. Surely I could write something better than these books." But you can't have those thoughts without action to prove it. So I put fingers to the keyboard. Freya's voice came out right away. I learned so much about writing through the whole process, so much that if I knew what the learning curve would be, I don't know I would have started! No, I think I would have started, I love learning new things. And looking back, I was very lucky to have attached my plot to Dante's Inferno. Nothing like piggy-backing on a classic that has remained relevant for centuries to increase your chances of success!


The second book, Freya's Founding, (coming March 30!) came to me during a teachers meeting. I teach at a very unique school which has an emphasis on history. We were at staff training which was reviewing some ancient history– Rome, to be specific. As the speaker was getting into the specifics of the history, my brain got hijacked by the awesomeness of the founding story. Two twins fighting to the death over how to build an empire. And these twins happened to royal babies abandoned in the woods, nursed by a wolf, then raised as shepherds before killing their evil uncle. Done and done. The book had created itself. Now all I had to was write 104,000 words. No problem. 

For most people on this earth, the window would be a taunting insult as it was more than thirty feet up with no way to reach it.

Luckily, I was not most people.
— Freya's Inferno